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I am looking into doing my first media buy in a while and wanted to know what other suggest. I plan to try credit reports and dating campaigns. I have a larger test budget ready for it so I don’t mind losing some money to learn.

I have read to never use flashy creatives for ad blindness but for credit reports I see the typical transunion, experian flashy professional looking banners all over the place. Are affiliates running these or is that the actual companies.

As affiliates do you use other creatives you create. Also do you suggest DL with those are do you have LP’s to try and warm the user up some more.

Similar questions for dating. I see all sorts of ads for that. Flashy and non flashy and do you recommend using LP’s for that niche.


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the answer to this is to test….

but first a couple of things to consider….

a) the same creative doesn’t work the same across all sites…
b) you kinda have to get rid of alot of what people tell you when it comes to banners because until you run them "on site" you have no idea what works or doesn’t ….

create 2-6 diff banners and throw them up when you are first testing try to use as much difference as possible between banners…..that way it might give you a better idea what angle works….and plan to spend some money… buying isnt cheap unless you are going direct to site with a flat buy…..otherwise if your doing CPM you have to let shit run to get your data both on banner and on lp/offer

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I recommend watching/downloading all the stuff involving…28Part-Deux%29

Do that, try what we outlined there and then get back with questions…

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Does whatrunswhere spy on international traffic as well or only US?

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