Newbie Networking?

Hey Guys,

Is there any kind of networking going on for the newbies under us? Something like an IRC / Facebook page?

Would be great to start some networking with like minded people. The forum is a great start, but is there anything beyond that?

Thanks in advance,


User Comment:
Yeah man there are a lot of Skype groups that are constantly made. Also our FB page is here

User Comment:
Best way is to have a look around the forum,pick a traffic source to focus on, post a follow along and then find people to collaborate with that are at the same or a similar level of experience as you.

Besides just networking, forming a mastermind with 2 or 3 other members works very well.

For "masterminds" it often works best if you make sure that either:

a) you work together on campaigns and split the tasks

b) you work on different verticals and agree to not compete

The Article Published IN 09-28-2011 07:21 AM

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