Newbie Question: Where Should I Start?

Hey guys,

I’ve been running traffic on PoF with a really tight budget lately ( $10 – $15 daily ), got a negative ROI at -61%, have been struggling with my budget though.

This makes me thinking of one thing which is should I change my traffic source to maybe something more effective that needs less testing than PoF?

Back to the question, where should I start? FB, PoF, PPV? I know that we don’t really have an absolute answer to this kinda question, but perhaps I can get some useful guidelines for a thorough direction I should stick with at the beginning. ( The problem is I can only stick with one traffic source due to my tight budget at the beginning )

I’m not afraid of those "hustling" days as I’m really very eager to make this Affiliate Marketing thingy work for me.

I hope that some senior members who has just cracked the code don’t mind sharing some of the experience with the newbie like me. Hopefully Jordan and Lorenzo would get a chance to see this thread and shed some light too.

All your inputs and help will be very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance!


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The secret is, stick with one traffic source master it, and use unique angles! POF = mainly dating. Concentrate on dating, and test ALOT! Don’t hop from traffic source to traffic source, same for niche. Stick with a niche and stick with a traffic source. if it was easy everyone would be doing it. I bet Lorenzo will provide some solid case study’s that will help you alot!

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Yeah I agree with Marco, master one traffic source.

There are already some case studies in these forums that are profiting. We created them so you can take them and learn from them.

From there you can start messing around with them and figure out what works what doesn’t.

Since you have a smaller budget I’d recommend sticking to the PPV case studies.

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I disagree a little bit, If you’re on a limited budget, then yes, stick with one source/avenue and master it, otherwise experiment with different traffic sources within one vertical (Say search: so test out google vs bing vs 3rd tier). I’ve found personally that I am better using different platforms and you’d be surprised which ones those may be and how much can actually be made from the ones people overlook.

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do share mattaw

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who said PoF is for dating only offers?

you already have data for PoF, honestly stick with it, go slow, target tight. I don’t run PoF so i have no clue what i’m talking about, but that’s what i would do on your place.

but if you really want to switch go for ppv/lead impact exatly and get into lead gen niche like game leads that pay $1.3-$2 or other lead gen niche with this kind of payouts, and stick to it. Just keep away from email subs and zip subs, IMO they’re hard to make significant positive ROI with low budget , especially when you’re noob.

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Im looking foward to some POF case studies. I lost hella chips in the past and would definitely like to start profiting. Im sticking with POF until i master it but i feel your pain. Just keep testing. Make sure you have pixels and sub id on your ads and collect all that data. Dump creatives w/ low CTR.

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Originally Posted by tijn

do share mattaw

Sure, the best example I can give is text based media buying. Personally, I get adsonar, it just clicks for me. Pulse on the other hand while similar is a disaster zone. I constantly would loose money when I tested on pulse while heavily profiting on adsonar. The bidding mechanisms/optimization/sites in the network are similar in nature for a lot of it, but I just got the hang of using the adsonar reporting/interface/internal optimization faster and had a better AM over there (Pulse is just out of your money, but that’s another story)…..

Same thing with a lot of people I know with say Myspace versus FB or FB versus POF.

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