Newsletter Issue 1

July 11th to July 17th, 2011.

STM Announcements

Media Buying Webinar Take 2 Is now scheduled for July 27th, 8pm GTM -4. Places are limited so it could already be fulll. New microphones have been purchased. Powerpoint slides have been created. It’s going to be an occasion to remember!


IWantUrCoins started an inspiring 30 Day Challenge thread to hold himself accountable. So far IWantUrCoins is kicking ass and keeping to plan.

Another great follow along is this one for a Adult Dating Campaign

If you run on PPV you will want to read this thread… LeadImpact Have Been Disapproving Campaigns Because Landing Page Are Not Relevant To Targets.

If you use Direct CPV, you might be interested to see what offers convert well on Direct CPV. There’s a couple of great tips in this thread!

For the more advanced affiliates, bbrock32 has produced a SIIICK guide and comparison Banking With Coreg Paths. He shows comparable performance between an email submit offer, and your own email submit landing page with a coreg. This is a must read!


Winning Spanish IQ FB Ads

Facebook Tip About Geo Targeting Your Campaigns

How Much To Test Before Your First Profitable Campaign?

Help With Optimizing A Facebook Campaign

Feedback on a Failed Campaign

Is Your Website Blacklisted By Facebook/MyWot?

Other topics

Heres a free landing page for

And to expand your toolkit, check out the thread on people’s Top 5 Tools.

Find images for your creatives with and here are some tips for finding sexy images of men

Bait and Switch Script

And for those of you thinking about doing SEO, Should I Be Buying Links?

There was also a great guide on Mobile Tracking With Jumptap

And a great discussion on reducing load time to increase ROI

From the Archives

And instead of just posting the latest threads, I also wanted to dig out some great posts from when the forum was just started:

Promoting Mobile Offers With PPV

Mega List Of Affiliate Marketing Tools

Auto Insurance Leads Guide

Super Bowl vs Valentines Day Case Study

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