Newsletter Issue 2

18 July 2011 – 24 July 2011

Welcome to our second newsletter!

Lots of great stuff has been happening on STM:

Landing pages

Stackman is handing out $50 in starbucks vouchers to someone who posts one of their landing pages! Great idea and a useful source of inspiration as well.

MrGreen’s post about using Firefox with Firebug to change landing pages before you rip them is great. I added a reply on the Google Chrome developer tools which can be used to do the same thing.

Also posted this week was our first batch of free landing pages!

Steve from C2M posted a useful link to a script you can use to test for mobile browsers!

Check out these Visual Attention Patterns which show what men and women focus on when they view a landing page!


This post deals with some basic questions on PoF and also shows how to use the PoF tokens on your landers.

Need another way to fund your FB account? Check this post to see how you can use Prepaid Creditcards.

PolarBacon posted a huge finding re: facebook ads CTR during the initial burst. Conclusion: run 5 copies of your exact same ad to ensure your split test results are valid!

PoF Ads implemented a new bulk update tool which will save you time. Read more about it here.

Social Ads Tool Users – Wondering why your campaigns are nor making money? This might be why!


Liane put up a huge Mobile resource – check it out if your interested in getting into mobile traffic.

Heres a great discussion on landing pages for mobile devices with some good tips of tools to use and example landers.

Follow Alongs

Here is a great PPV Follow Along by mrpayne.

And another one, this time on Lesbian dating offers!

And the last follow along this week, but certainly not the least, bstrd posts about his Credit Report campaign with 750% ROI!

Running Your Business

Here’s a great discussion about finding a lawyer and what to look out for.

Blast from the past

Here are some great posts from February 2011

Guide on Daily Deals / Groupon

5 Landing Pages THat Convert

Making ads with amazing CTR

A great PoF follow along

Charlie Sheen Mobile Campaign Follow Along


Last note, we have made a few tweaks on the forums!

Forum structure

Several of you requested this, and we happily obliged. A Mobile section has been added to the forum, and some others have been split out.

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