Newsletter Issue 3

25 July 2011 – 31 July 2011

Here we go again! Another instalment of our newsletter covering the best new threads from STM. As usual, rather then posting a simple list of links Ive tried to summarise and order the posts so its easier for you to find the stuff you need.

Ill also do a quick 5 min overview video and you’ll be able to find it here:


Success stories

First off – a couple of success stories were posted by members that thanks to the STM forum have started banking hard!

Winston (hd2010) with his first profitable campaign
James (jeroes75) made $600 per day from 1 campaign for 20 days!
Dan the Man has increased his CTR and shoot past his goals, now well on its way to make his first 1m in 5 months time.

We’d love to hear more of these. Its a great motivator for our members. So if you achieved an improvement in your business as a result of the forum, please post them in the success stories section.

In good and bad times were here to help

Of course, its not always easy. Budgetting is one of the main challenges you will face in this game. Affiliate marketing with paid traffic can be tough due to your cashflow. Here are some helpful suggestions.

Great guides to help you bank & profit

Stack’s shooting some awesome shit here – Making your pof campaign profitable in 24hours.

Two great follow ups to Besmir’s case study the other week on coreg. First of the promised sequal with detailed steps and code examples for p202. And a great contribution from shanktank on how to get the whole campaign setup in cpvlab.

Optimising your campaigns – when and how?

Inversion is taking the guess work out of your campaign testing. He created an awesome calculator that will estimate for you how likely you are to profit from your campaign!!

When it comes to PPV campaigns, here are some helpful suggestions on optimizing your campaigns.

Its tempting to cut out the networks and work directly with the advertisers. Pro’s and Cons and this thread looked at both sides.

Another great post from liane on mobile lead quality.

Here are some more great threads

Discussion on what to do when you get the dreaded preban email from facebook.

Suggests to help you when you dont get any traffic to your creatives on POF.

Finally, dan contributed 7000 dating images from various sources 😉

The archives

As usual, from the archives, some great threads from March 2011:

Daily deal offers on PPV and a Groupon Singapore follow along.

Follow along on Mobile celeb offer centered around Charlie Sheen

Disguising PPV landing pages as branded campaigns

Related traffic tool

Round 2 of converting landing pages

$800 per day profit campaign.

Q&A on Facebook Campaigns

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