No Audio on MT Landers?!

I recently submitted a lander on Media Traffic with audio instantly playing on the page and I received this disapproval notification:

We do not accept destinations with audio starting without a user interaction/clicking.

I was surprised as I didn’t know any PPV networks disallowed audio and I don’t think I’ve seen anyone on here talking about bait and switch in regards to audio. Plus I’ve been doing it on LI for some time without any worry – I swear they’ve even approved my pages with audio on.

Am I wrong to do this on LI? Do all networks disapprove audio on landers, or just MT?


User Comment:
Nope , MT doesn’t allow auto playing sound on their landers.

TV and LI allow auto playing sound , but pause/stop controls must be clearly visible on the page.

The others you see on MT are probably cloaking to get these approved.

The Article Published IN 08-15-2011 02:33 PM

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