No Bloody Impressions To My Banners.

Kia Ora Stackers,

Ran into a very strange problem with my latest POF campaign.

Details :

4 – banners ( 300 x 250 ) – 2 each male & female.

Target details are the same for each audience.

I ran the campaigns from 6pm Australia to 12am – paused the other hrs. Then restarted it @ 11am today. – same hrs both days.

My original bid was 0.77 ( recommended was .40 -.80 )

Never received hardly any impressions, so upped bid to $1.24 but did not make any real difference, so dropped it back to .77c

So in 36 hrs these are my total impressions: ( From 5 minutes ago )

Here is a breakdown of todays impressions: ( hrs are not AU )

Lsc au m –

Lsc au f –

So my question – where are the impressions and why so low in numbers.

Never struck this b4 so I’m at a lost as to what I need to do.

Any response would be appreciated – Deon, Bil, Jordan, Lorenzo ???

As always thank you in advance.


PS: Gee senior member now – 100 posts – don’t know if they were of any value ..

User Comment:
Problem: Country = Australia

There is not a lot of traffic for Aus. I’ve had some small campaigns by running 728×90 + 300×250’s and targeting only sex and ages 25-40 (and nothing else).

If you do this for both male and female then you can probably squeeze a few $xx per day. Not really worth it IMO.

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Problem: Country = Australia

Thank you Deon, knew you would know the answer.

Never thought it was a country problem tho – really thought that Australia would have tons of traffic – might port it over to FB, must be a few million aussies online there.

Should have just rung you, instead of wasting time putting the thread together …


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Hey Just to put it into perspective Australia is about 1/15 the population size of USA. Here are some numbers I recently got from Ben:

US: 92.6 miilion visits
Canada: 29.5 miilion visits
UK: 25.2 miilion visits
Australia: 3 miilion visits
Ireland 1.3 miilion visits

Average CTR 0.15%

I also recently have been on dating sites. Many people in Australia haven’t heard of POF. They tend to go to RSVP (paid site) and OasisActive (free site) as it’s advertised on TV.


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don’t use imageshack!!

User Comment:

don’t use imageshack!!

Y so Mr Joker.

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Another thing – try changing your targeting. Make it browsers unequal to android and iphone, instead of manually selecting the rest of them. Sometimes the browser doesn’t register with the site and it will get filtered the way you have it if it comes up blank. Also try removing the martial status filter, and I think you’ll get more traffic out of it. Like Deondup said there’s not a ton of volume in Australia but there’s enough there, in my experience, that if you hit it right you can make a decent income. Just don’t expect your campaigns to last forever. You should be rotating in new ideas every so often because eventually you’ll run out of enough new eyeballs to make it worthwhile.

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