Non PPC Facebook traffic?

I wanted to run a CPA offer on fb but the networks say ‘no facebook PPC traffic allowed’. Is there another way to get good traffic from fb?

<ducks and waits for the fb noob-seeking gunfire>

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Could be fan page traffic, and viral stuff like that perhaps. Maybe they simply mean no Facebook at all?

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Most of the time that means no Facebook at all.

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ppv on facebook pages?

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Yeah you might be right. Otherwise I was thinking along the lines of a billboard inside Farmville with a URL on. Just wondered what other approaches you guys rocked it with.

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Check my the link in my signature.
Don’t know how well it would work for most CPA offers…
But surely there might be an angle for a few offers.

I’m testing it out now.
First software to allow webinars within Facebook.
Ton of viral potential/actions built into it.
Auto-posts to their wall, etc.
As well as it automatically grabs the persons name/email when they allow the app.

Just another creative FB traffic idea to consider.

The Article Published IN 06-06-2011 06:04 PM

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