[NSFW]Playboy’s Quiz Lander

A good lander to swipe.

It asks if you could tell which boobs are real and which are not.…boob-quiz.html

Once you click submit quiz results, it doesn’t matter what you score, they don’t even bother telling you which 1 you got right or wrong.

Our of curiosity, I did go back and change the answers to check.

They then try to get you into their cyber club trial.
Somewhat similar to Mr Green’s ringtone lander idea.

User Comment:
Wicked idea man!

The tough part is monetizing it…I’m not sure ringtones would work so well. Relevant offers like dating would generate really terrible lead quality.

There is certainly potential for a lander like that though.

User Comment:
I won!

Could take that and have which music artist is real or fake. Have some look alike and some real then pop to a ringtone offer or submit. Great example to get you thinking.

User Comment:
"Can you tell which boobs are real? Get it right and you’re eligible for a FREE Gevalia coffee maker!" … see, any offer works fine. Boobs are the great equalizer.

User Comment:
haha nice find!
this is really similar to an idea I’m about to test, they could implement this a LOT better though, but the concept is nice.

User Comment:
they are all real ;p

The Article Published IN 08-02-2011 10:35 AM

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