offers list facebook does not allow?

can we start a thread to listing offers that facebook does not allow, like pof one

today i spent several hours to making imgs for dating offer, but all ads got disapproved, coz have been flagged as compromised by Web of Trust. anyone got same problem? i seen last ad date on FB Spy is 8.17, seems they stopped letting it on a bit ago. if we have such a list, it must be save some time.



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my suggestion is assume every offer isn’t approved……check mywot before you run anything

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not allowed
rebill or mobile subscription

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It would take literally thousands of man hours to make a list of what FB doesn’t allow, and on top of that what they allow seems to vary by reviewer. I’ve hit reviewers that just deny everything because they’re in a bad mood or whatever. It’s really a crapshoot on a good day. There’s no point in trying to put this list together.

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Like z6 said, every reviewer will approve/disapprove certain things. There are certain offers like benaughty which are FORSURE banned, but most i’d try to get approved a 2nd or 3rd time before you decides its actually blacklisted.

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Besides, what’s allowed today might not be allowed tomorrow. Just ask those that ran flirt (me)

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