Offers That Allow Social Media but not facebook? WTF?

I came across a few offers that in the terms it says Social media allowed, and then it says No Facebook.

What is this? Like why would they disallow facebook users or the traffic? Also how would they even know I send them facebook traffic if I redirect it from my p202 (cloaked) .. its not like facebook has user agents right?

Also it doesnt make sense to me in the first place, its not like facebook traffic isnt quality or wont convert for them…

Any thoughts?

User Comment:
Ther are other social media sites besides facebook. They might now allow facebook because they run it internally.

I know for some advertisers FB doesnt back out.

Your 202 cloaker is paper thin the network will still get a few refferers out of it so its not foolproof.

Of course you can still run it, just know that they might not pay you if they find out.

Now stop bitching and find offers that like FB traffic.

User Comment:
I know of some toolbar downloads that don’t allow Facebook, but that’s really because FB itself doesn’t allow toolbar ads. So it’s kind of a moot point for those offers…In other instances, though, it’s because they’ve figured out how to advertise on FB. lol…

User Comment:
Yeah thats what I thought too… what about building a list then redirecting them to the offer page? Sure conversions will drop maybe but Ill have a list and be able to run the campaign with no worries for the most part…

User Comment:
We have quite a few campaigns that allow social and not fb. And it is because the advertiser is buying it themselves or has given someone the exclusive on that channel.

The Article Published IN 06-03-2011 11:31 PM

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