Ok This is REALLY wierd

SO I am trying to make some new facebook ads and the weirdest thing is happening… I have no "interested in" option!

heres a screen shot of an ad I tried to make using the "create a similar ad" button

this ad is for france… for one of my german ads however, this is what I get:

Now this is the really wierd part… When I try to "create a similar ad" for the germany ad, the the "interested in" option goes away the second I change the country to france.

Am I an idiot and missing something completely?

User Comment:
FB took away that targeting option a while ago. Its something to do with some countries how you can’t target what sex they are interested in.

User Comment:
They took this option away for France cause there was an uproar about some privacy issues back in the day.

As far as I know, its exclusively for France.

User Comment:
I’m pretty sure 403flux is right that it only affects France. I tried to run some dating there back in the day and kept getting disapproved for not selecting an "interested in" option and when I emailed them with a screenshot showing there wasn’t one, they told me it was for legal reasons in that country. Then I asked how to get my ad approved and a different person responded saying "Select an interested in option and resubmit."

Now you can see why I tend to steer clear of FB when possible.

The Article Published IN 07-31-2011 05:54 AM

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