Optimal targeting and bids on PoF

Launched my first PoF campaign yesterday. It’s an international campaign so I bid pretty low ( $.16). My ads have gotten some impressions, but they’re not moving too fast.

How do I know if my lack of impressions is a result of a bid that is too low or if my demographic isn’t that large?

I just bumped up my CPM to $.21 to see if the impressions pick up at all. Is that the right course of action or is there something else I can do?

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Yup increasing CPM’s is the best way to get more traffic within your specific demographic.

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Thanks Ben. So there’s no way to see how large my demo is, right? (I’m used to the FB platform that shows size of audience based on targeting) Suppose I was showing ads to Canadian women age 35-40 that smoke, have kids, no car, a Phd…etc. How would you recommend I avoid showing my ads to the same 12 people over and over?

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No estimator and use log-in count (as soon as someone reaches a certain # of log-ins they never see your ad again).

The Article Published IN 06-10-2011 03:31 PM

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