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How do you optimize LI campaigns? How can i set the URL’s/keywords by impressions or clicks and then bulk delete or increase bids where it needs to?
I only have Current Bid/Max Bid/Bid Type/Status/Rank/Other Bids.

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Anybody that knows this? it kinda hard dealing with 10k targets and you can’t organize them.

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As far as I know you need to do this all manually – track your data very tightly, and set non-performing keywords to inactive once you have some workable numbers.

I do remember hearing something about being able to upload a mass list of keywords for removal, but I think it was at TV. I haven’t used LI too much yet though so maybe someone else can give a better response.

10k targets is probably too many though. Like you said it’s tough to manage and stay organized. What you may want to consider is starting with a smaller group of keywords. Find which ones work, and start a new campaign with them which you can let run. Now start additional campaigns with excess targets to gather data on how they perform. Once you have the performing URLs, add them to your "profitable" campaign.

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I’m wondering the same thing.. I just got CPVlab set up and its getting me data. I just don’t know how to use that data yet.
Wondering about posting it in the forum and maybe that would get some good critiquing.

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