Other private forum suggestions?

I joined this forum recently and so far it’s exceeded my expectations. All the guys here are real, friendly, and everyone interested in attaining the same goal…to be profitable. In the less than a week I’ve been here I’m really feeling the vibe here.

I’d like to join other forums like this, private forums with serious people, can you guys recommend other forums that are similar to StackThatMoney?

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First of all, thanks! We’re all here to make money, and we push the forums to focus on that only!

Second, you won’t find any others 😛

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PPVPlaybook is amazing too. Some great case studies in there. STM FTW tho

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PPVPlaybook and STM pretty much stand alone from the rest.

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Aside from STM and PPV Playbook, probably the only other one worth discussing is IM Grind. IM Grind, I think, appeals to a pretty different kind of individual; it’s very high-level, geared in large part to advertisers, aspiring advertisers, and high-level affiliates.

For example, where STM offers specific case studies discussing the promotion of specific offers, IM Grind discusses creating your own path offer, building conversion funnels, and host and post.

If you’re not ready or interested in that kind of stuff, it’s not really worth it.

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Cool, thanks guys

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Instead of spending time reading/posting on another forum, spend that time creating campaigns based on the ideas you’ve gotten from this forum. There is more than enough solid content on this forum to occupy you. You don’t need another forum.

The Article Published IN 09-24-2011 09:41 PM

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