outsourcing for coreg tech stuff?

I’m posting on odesk for a coder to help with coreg management. Stuff like

say I want to add checkboxes on the first page, are you in debt, etc. and if they check it off, show them my own offers before they hit silverpath

Data collection and integration with my tracking

Basically setting it up after I give them the landing page, and testing different aspects of the flow. Being able to tweak different things and split test.

So managing the technical side of it.

What skills would you look for in a person to do this? What would you make the post sound like?

I’m really not sure how to post it cause I don’t know the technical aspects of it.


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Just look for a very experienced PHP developer with some design skills. They should be able to do what you want.

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^ what he said.

i do those things… give some specifics (or pm them to me) and i can help you figure out what you need to say …or we can work something out.

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ok thanks – what is a reasonable rate per hour to pay someone to do this type of stuff? US vs. Russia/Philippines rates you would expect to pay?

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I typically charge $40-60 an hour for PHP/design.

For overseas outsourcing, you can probably expect to pay $10-20/hour.

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