Overview of Guides & Posts

As the guides section is expanding I was starting to struggle finding the ones that I needed for a specific project.

Here is therefore a summary of the guides on the forum, categorised and labeled so that you can quickly find the guides you are looking for.

Newbie Guides

Newbie Guide (ppv,traffic,affiliate networks)

Facebook Ads Newbie Guide (facebook)


Affiliate Marketing Tools

PPV Spying (Trafficvance)

CPV Auto Bidder (Beta)

Facebook Ad Uploader

Landing Pages, Ads & Copy

Finding and Making Ads With Amazing CTR’s

5 Landing Pages I’ve Made That Convert

Landing Page Guide (Conversion Rate Tactics) [Part 1]

Ideas and Angles

Money making ideas from 2007

Steve Jobs Taking Leave of Absence (Affiliate Opportunity) (campaign ideas,angles,trends,subs,mobile,ppv)

Superbowl VS Valentines Day

Survey/Freebie niche

What i mean by a really good ‘campaign angle’.

Detailed Campaign Guides

Promoting Dating Apps On Facebook (facebook,dating)

Promoting Mobile Offers With PPV (ppv,mobile)

Auto Insurance Leads (facebook,ppv, insurance)

Case Studies

MyWebFace campaign on Facebook (facebook,download)

My Complete "Modded/Tuner Car Angle" Auto Insurance Campaign (facebook,insurance)

Justin Bieber PPV Campaign Making $150 a day

Managing Your Business

Saving Cash As An Affiliate (cashflow,finance,offer selection)

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is there an updated version of that? Found so many useful guides, but now I cannot find what I wanted (search did not help so far)

The Article Published IN 02-14-2011 01:22 PM

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