P202 + Coreg questions

Hi Stackers!

Is anyone able to answer some Questions that I have regarding P202 + Coreg?

Landing Pages:

I’m just using Simple Landing pages, is this correct? I just have a landing page that collects data and then the next page is the coreg path.

Do I think click on Get LP Code? I’m guessing yes… So I clicked on that and clicked Simple Landing Page, then populated the drop downs so that I was able to select the correct landing page then I clicked Generate Tracking Link.

So the first code snippet (inbound) I’m give would just be placed in the head of the initial landing page?

I don’t really understand the outbound code snippets.

Do I then click on Get Links? Do I use the code from Generate Tracking Link as the landing page link in Lead Impact?

How do I then integrate P202 properly with my landing page code?

According to bbrock32’s tutorial, I think I should make it look like this:

//Change to $url=$gturl to use gametheory instead of silverpath 

Does the cookie in this part $t202subid=$_COOKIE[‘tracking202subid’]; come from that outbound code that I didn’t really understand where to put?

I feel like I’m close to understanding this but just need some help with you guys to get over the line!

User Comment:
Wow, that barely made sense! I should get more sleep 😛

I think i have this pretty much sorted now. Just waiting on another test.

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