P202 help on POF -> Landing Page


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You have to get the outbound link from the Get Links menu.

That will be the link of the call to action.

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Hey pancakes this is what I do
Right under the code for your landing page it says Option 1: Landing Page: Outbound PHP Redirect Code: and there will be some code under there, what you do is copy that code put it into dreamweaver or whatever software you use then save it as a .php file such as redirect.php then you place the php file in the same folder on your server where your landing page is and then you just put the name of the php file for your link for your call to action so for example say I named my php file redirect.php and my call to action was an image this is what the code would look like <a href="redirect.php"><img src="images1/signmeup.jpg" alt="button" border="0"/></a>

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