Photoshop and Landing pages are holding me back

They both make my angry as fuck, I have this wysiwyg web page builder and its ok, but my landers still look like crap.

Any thoughts or ideas? Out sourcing 2 or 3 web pages for each campaign seems excessive to me since I dont have any winning campaigns right now.

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You have 3 options.

1. Run offers you can direct link with.
2. "Borrow" and tweak other landers you see around the place.
3. Build simple landers in Photoshop. Remember landers do not need to be attractive. Ugly landers work. Some of my landers are all text, you don’t need any design skills to make them.

What kind of offer are you trying to run?

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Here is a screen shot of my current landing page

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Design is definitely not the problem. It’s the content. You should get some dynamic inserts in there for starters, calling out city, and even age.

I would also do something with those photos, make them look more like profiles. Add things like "online now" "location" etc.

If you do want to add some pop to your photoshop this is a good start

It will instantly make your buttons like fly and more clicky.

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Photoshop may seem confusing at first, but if you have the time. Follow 3-4 different tutorials to make things, and by the end of the 4th tutorial you’ll probably know how to use at least 3/4 of the basic tools, and will be familiar enough to make a landing page.

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Stackman could you recommend some Photoshop tutorial for beginners that can teach you the basics you need to create impactful landing pages.

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since I posted this thread I have been digging fucking deep.

This makes decent webpages in minutes –

Firefox add on to download pages including scripts, images and deep links –…don/scrapbook/

35 photoshop design tuts –…hop-tutorials/

I have spent the last several days knee deep in this stuff and have a better gasp of it now. . . but its still going to take time to get the type of results that I am expecting.

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Good looking out oneano.

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The problem I have with wysiwyg web page builder is that you
still end up having to save the file as PHP and then adding in the
dynamic stuff via dreamweaver.

Still better than nothing, though I often end up using PS/DW in
the end.

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Try to read over some of the basics in photoshop, and then follow something like this from start to finish:…-design-sleek/ the time you finish that 1 tutorial I’m very confident you’ll have such a good grasp on Photoshop that you’ll be able to make your own landing pages. By following a more complex tutorial like the one above it’s teaching you all the main things you need to know for making your ownlanding page.

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Learn photoshop, its just a little effort to learn the basics. When you know how it works you can use it for everything!

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Post your photoshop questions if you have any please. I am more then willing to provide help and psd’s for you guys.

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I think that for marketing some of the top photshop questions would be –

How to create buttons that draw the eyes?

How to create text that stands out?

Im still digging though tutorials like this one that stackman pointed out…-design-sleek/

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to be honest, the only way is by watching tutorials + practicing yourself.

tutsplus is great! they have TONS of video tutorials on designing (psd) and coding. As you watch, you’ll learn the Photoshop tools and the commonly used html/css tags simply because you’ll see them being used (and explained) from one tutorial to the next. then its up to you to experiment with your own stuff.

probbaly the BEST video tutorials for Photoshop is Bert Monroy’s on PixelPerfect – the guy is so boss its ridiculous. in a few strokes he makes awesome shit:

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The revision3 video tutorials are awesome! Do you know which drawing boards/touch screens he’s using?

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Probably a Wacom Cintiq or Intuos :=)

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