Pixel firing issue

Hey guys,
Does anyone else have this issue or a fix for it?

Seems like half the time my pixels don’t work.
Different platforms (from either traffic sources, 202, CPV lab, etc.) usually don’t fire.

My hardest issue is having pixels fire from places like Traffic Vance and CPV Lab (both never work). 202 and POF pixels usually fire but there are always times when the numbers are way off.

Right now I am trying to run a large scale campaign on 3 different PPV sources and neither the CPV Lab nor TV/DCPV/LI pixels fire.

They are HTTPS secure and my CPV lab domain has an ssl certificate and so do the pixels from the traffic sources.

I’ve placed the pixel on hitpath using the image section and also the raw text.. no results either way.

I know the natural idea is that the offer’s landing page is broked but I’m actually rotating 3 offers that are all converting on the network’s end and I am getting credit but my pixels are not.

Any help would be successful. Thanks boys.

User Comment:
what you can do is test whether its your install or a network issue.

access one of your campaigns through the campaign URL.
click through to the landing page.

then just load the pixel url in your browser.

do this a couple of times on a dummy campaign, or reset stats afterwards, and you should be able to determine whether its your setup or the networks/offer.

I to be honest have a very small number of times that the pixel doesnt fire. Like 1%. In my process I just upload all subid’s once a week.

Have you rotated in offers from other networks?

The Article Published IN 06-04-2011 02:07 AM

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