Please Explain This Part of Tracking 202 / URL tokens!

Please Explain This Part of Tracking 202 / URL tokens!


So, I understand that sub id’s are used to label affiliate links for things like traffic sources, landing pages – But i don’t understand why tracking 202 creates a numerical variable and how it stores the "story" inside of it? This gives me bad memories of arrays in programming class back at R.I.T. – Anyway!

I’m with Neverblue, clickbooth, Ewa, C2m and I do not recall these networks having a numerical value within the sid reports that I can upload to better understand the

transaction”s story as Wes coin’s it that took place.

Do you need a tracking pixel if you have subids in all of your affiliate links?

—-I believe if your affiliate link gets click 30 times and you have 1 lead then your subid’s will show as clicked 30 times – but not how many of the 30 clicks turned into leads or sales right? – so we will still need a pixel

Here are some pictures to better explain what I don’t understand!

and this one!

Thanks in advance for all of your help!


User Comment:
Here’s a whole post in the Tracking202 Tokens.…-was-possible/

As for the other screenshot, the #S1-4# tokens are probably the only ones you would care most about because those are the tokens used to pass back the subid into tracking202.

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