Please help me improve my conversion rate!


I’m really getting frustrated with this project. This is something I started because the offer has a good payout but it’s way too difficult to make it profitable! Now I am thinking whether I should give it up and focus on other projects. What do you think? I’d really appreciate your help, guys! I don’t know what to do with this website.

It is This website is a lead generation website for private medical insurance. I drive targeted search traffic from the UK to it. My problem is not with traffic, problem is with conversions!

I have about 1% conversion rate but I need 10% to make it profitable! I recently added a free ebook to incetivise people to fill out a form. What else can I do to improve it! I really appreciate your feedback!

I think that the main problem is that the form is too long. But all the fields are compulsory. I can’t make it shorter.

Any idea? I’m really getting fed up with that website but I’ve spent too much money on optimizing my PPC campaign. Now I just need to improve conversions!

Thanks in advance!

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Try implementing this to break up the intimidating form

User Comment:
Sometimes its the offer. Its best not to get stuck with one campaign. It could be the offer sucks and doesn’t conver, try another one. Also, ask your AM what hte typical conversion rate is. 1% seems really low from search, but 10% (your goal) also seems a bit high without a presell IMO.

The Article Published IN 06-11-2011 01:16 PM

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