plentyoffish advertising?

I am seeing ads for pof like "chat with singles" going to the pof p and am wondering where their aff program can be found?

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they dont have a aff program, thats them running a internal ad campaign to get new users. you are probably being retargeted also

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too bad, thx!

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I figure this is a good place to make a point regarding the plenty of fish banners. The new ones aren’t the ones I’m talking about – a lot of you will remember the old "My name is Marcus" banners they ran for damn near forever.

Solid. Wall. Of. Text.

But did it work? Fuck yeah it did, if it didn’t they’d have no impressions to sell me on a daily basis for my campaigns. That shit worked and it worked well.

Just something to think about when you make banners – flashy designs and catchy images are all fine and well but sometimes just being different is enough to get a reader’s attention. And the benefit of an ad that’s mostly text is that you get more room to convince the user to click on it. And they’re more likely to know what they’re going to see when they get to your destination page, which could help with conversions.

Not to mention that I’m a strong believer in the "ugly/poorly designed/downright retarded looking ads outperform flashy high tech well designed ads" idea; that’s one meme thats been going around hard in this industry for the past year+ and I not only agree with the idea but I make it a point to use ugly ads in my split testing against my slick looking ads. Try it, you’ll be amazed.

(I tried to find a copy of that banner to put in this post but it’s apparently disappeared from the web or my Google-Fu has grown weak in my old age. Sorry to anyone who has no idea what I’m rambling about.)

The Article Published IN 07-13-2011 08:25 AM

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