POF Ad Tokens?

I want to run some new campaigns tomorrow and I need to know asap what tokens I can use in my ads for member attributes like age, city, state etc.

You know the tokens so I can do an ad like:

"Men in California looking for 25 year old women."

Could you please provide me with a full list and how to insert them into the ad headline and copy?

User Comment: – Should have everything you need to know.

User Comment:
If you search for "pof token" in the search bar (up at the top of the page) you’ll find at least half a dozen threads where they’re discussed in detail, as well. Could be useful for you to look there.

I feel like we’re missing out since Polarbacon didn’t come in here with his screenshots to make this point. Maybe it’s not too late and he’ll still show up 😛

The Article Published IN 07-25-2011 05:14 PM

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