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so lets say you’re testing a new offer and you split ages by about 5 years

30-34 35-39 40-44 45-49 etc.

When you get which demos perform there how do you use that?

Like I found out after my age test taht 45-49 had shitty CTRs. I also found out through conversion reports that <25k income converted for shit.

now when i make a campaign targetting people making under 25k do i need to re-do my age parting? i assume so because its completely new ad copy directed at this niche.

i guess im confused on how to use test results with future tests while not limiting the hell out of my demo.

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I see what you mean about not wanting to limit your demo. If 45-49 have shitty CTR’s and <25K converts like shit I would build a new camp with <25K excluded and build out your age groups the same. Basically knock out one variable at a time.

At the end of the day conversions are what really matters so cut the non-converting demo and then you can maybe split test new ad copy for the 45-49 age target.

so same ads with <25K exluded for
45-49 –>>> new ad copies.

Basically you can optimize all your age groups for conversions and focus on the age groups with low CTR by testing new ads. 45-49 year old will most likely respond quite differently to advertisements than 35-39 so maybe even a simple change of image or headline will do the trick.

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Why not just run your initial campaign covering ages 30-49? Then, check out POF’s conversion report to see what ages people clicked from. Duplicate your campaign and use the age range(s) you found from the report.

Just my 2 pennyworth …

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Because if you’re going to cover an age range three times as large, you should make your budget three times as high, so allt he age ranges get equal coverage. And even then the more populated ones will get all your daily budget.

For example, I had a campaign that I was fighting to make break even on females 25-29. I thought for sure I could make it profitable. I decided on a whim to test 35-39 females with teh same ads and it had a 300% ROI from day one. Sure, the volume was a fraction of the 25-29 females market, but it was solid profit. Had I just tested 25-39 all the money would have been spent on 25-29 since it was the higher volume area, and I never would have had a chance to find out about that goldmine in the higher age bracket.

Shit I go as far as testing in 3 year age groups when I’m getting serious about stuff.

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yea Bil that’s exactly what I’m doing. trying to suck out profit from every small group. thanks scotchsales that does definitely help!

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At what level would you say a demo is too small to work with? I posted a similar question before that your situation brings to mind…had a ton of small campaigns some doing only 1k impressions over a days time. It was a bitch to manage, so since most were profitable I rolled them up into one bigger campaign. (just launched today) Now I’m 2nd guessing that a little b/c my tiny demos probably wont get the impressions->clicks->conversions that they were before. Flawed logic perhaps?

I need to figure out a good system for managing campaigns in PoF. When that dashboard fills up my brain goes sideways with what to do next and how to manage things.

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yea i agree completely steezy. if someone (maybe Bil) could do a PoF campaign management thread or something It’d be amazing.

Not sure if Driftnet helps this situation but having so many campaigns in the main screen is just insanely confusing.

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What do you mean? An overview of how I manage my campaigns in PoF?

I guess I could do something like that. It’s not all that complicated. Let me know what you’re interested in seeing and I’ll see what I can come up with.

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yea actually now that I think about it I might be asking for a bit much.

What I meant was how you can effectively take a large demo and root out non performers and then deal with the smaller profitable campaigns.

let’s say non-smokers convert for crap, so you excluded it after 600k impressions based on the cross tab reports and make a seperate age parted campaign targeting non-smokers. now you’re at say 8 campaigns instead of 4. Seems like it can get pretty wild pretty quick.

Let’s say you want to scale further and then do this out onto the male side. Then you’re doubling campaign numbers on PoF. Add in atleast two sizes of IABs to capture that traffic as well and it’s getting crazy.

When you want to refresh with creatives instead of refreshing 1 campaign you can be refreshing 20 sub campaigns that are all actually the same offer. Is my thinking off here?

Hopefully this clarifies.

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Honestly I just do the damn thing and keep on them. A lot of the time entire chunks of a demographic won’t convert for shit. So you may end up initially with 8 or 12 campaigns but you can safely eliminate a few of them later that week and be left with two heavy converters. What do I keep and what do I pause? I pause some profitable campaigns, believe it or not. It comes down to two things – how much money am I making (vs the amount I spent to make it), and how much effort was it to make that. If it’s a tiny amount of traffic, the profit/expense ratio is too small, or it requires constant babysitting, I’ll probably pause it.

This is a numbers game – for every 10 campaigns you make, 1 might be a winner. And that might be a slim winner. You need to play with volume to use that to your advantage. This is essentially why most new affiliates fail. They make one campaign, wait for the results and cry when it bombs. Don’t make one campaign and then go back to playing Black Ops. Make 5. Shit, make 10. Make 10 a day. Make that your hobby.

Make campaigns. Watch campaigns fail. And from the rubble watch one or two awesome money makers rise like a phoenix. That’s how we do.

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Great advice from Bil who tells it like it really is.

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Always droppin knowledge bombs at the perfect time.

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I guess that means the perfect time is 2:30am haha.

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Never stop hustlin’ until you’re ballin’. And even then keep hustlin’. Don’t forget to keep going back and optimising…..testing new creatives, culling those not performing.

I tend to test all 5 year age groups and countries from the start. Get the data then optimise quickly as the creatives rake in the impressions.

Driftnet is awesome for managing PoF campaigns. The developer just made an update yesterday I’m testing for him. He’s very responsive. More features being added soon. Worth the $20!

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yea i got driftnet and its great. asked him to add the select all back in and got it back in hours. good stuff.

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