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I’ve been doing some searching, and I can’t find any detailed breakdowns (by percentage or estimated numbers) on the sizes of various demographics on POF.

I just started a campaign, and I’m wondering if it’s too targeted to be scaled if it turns profitable.

Here’s my targeting:

United States
Login Count: 50 or less
Session depth: 20 or less
Browser: Not equal to Android or iPhone

Does this have the potential to be scaled if I expand upwards on the age?

I’ve heard that POF is mostly white males – so the ethnicity targeting is what generates the most doubts for me.

I’d love to hear your opinions

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POF has no "estimator"

That’s very tight.

Bid super high and let it run – you’ll see

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Originally Posted by deondup

POF has no "estimator"

That’s very tight.

Bid super high and let it run – you’ll see

+1. That’s the only way to really tell. It won’t take you long to figure it out

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The amount you’d have to bid to get any traffic in a demo like that would probably be more than it’s worth for the small payout on most dating offers.

If you’re promoting an asian dating offer (as in, meet asian singles or true asian), try promoting it to all males. A surprisingly high number of white and black males like asian chicks. I’m sure we can all understand why. Just make sure you qualify the user somehow – do some snooping on google to figure out what kind of men REALLY like asian women, then use the PoF demographic tool to figure out the demographic for those guys (find their interests and search for those interests, and look for intersecting statistics), and build a campaign targeting those men that revolves around their interest that you selected.

I posted an example in another thread with a similar idea – target white guys who are into anime, computers, video games, etc and promote asian dating. That’s self explanitory but it’s an easy fit, and most people don’t think of things like that. Something as simple as changing your ad from "Like Asian Girls? Asian girls want to meet you!" to "Our site has tons of hot Asian girls who love anime, video games – and white guys. Join now!" can make all the difference. Not only in terms of clicks and conversions but also by setting you apart from the competition that’s promoting in a boring, generic way.

If you use the PoF spy on AffExpert you’ll see that 90%+ of the ads on PoF are all the same "Are you (age) from (state)? Well (guys/girls) from (state) want to meet (men/women) aged (age)! Join now to meet them!"

I sometimes question if the people writing these ads ever stop to think "If I saw this ad, would I even bother clicking on it?" Let’s pretend you’re 24, Male and from Ohio. Would this ad appeal to you?

Are you 24 from Ohio?

Girls in Ohio are looking for men age 24 to date. Join now and meet someone tonight!

You can almost hear the crickets chirping, right?

That’s why it’s important to put a little effort into qualifying your targets in a way besides age and state in your ad text. Even if it’s not the greatest qualification, it’s still better than the competition and will help you get more clicks and more conversions.

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Thanks so much for the feedback guys.

Z6: I have to confess – I "may" have just searched through all your posts. They are just so damn helpful

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