POF Demographics tool not working??

I’m trying to use the POF Demographics tool in the Affexpert Tools section, but when I put in a keyword nothing happens no data comes out. Do you guys know what’s going on with that?

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You can use this POF tool:

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Thank you for that link Pancakes, I’m a little unclear how that demographics tool works since I’ve never used one before. It says expected is 100%, what exactly does it mean when the actual percentage it shows is less than 100% and when it’s more? What exactly does that number represent?

Also, I’ve entered some outrages interests just to see if anything comes up, and of course it does. How do they collect their data for those things, does anyone know?

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Short version: 100% is baseline. If the targeting detail comes back over 100%, that means there’s more than the normal range of people with that targeting data. If it’s below 100%, it means less.

So if you search for a keyword and it says smokers: 185% that means there’s a higher than normal percentage of smokers who fall into that keyword. If it said smokers: 45% that means a lower than normal percentage in that keyword.

It’s a little confusing but once you figure that out it makes sense.

ninja edit: as to how they gather that information, I *think* they scrape for keywords or related keywords from people’s profiles. But I could be wrong. Maybe Ben can chime in on that if he reads this. Honestly I assume that’s how it’s done since that is how I would do it.

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I really dislike using that tool, it seems pretty inaccurate for me most the time. Nice re-explanation Bil

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Thanks a lot for the explanation Z6.

I have to agree with Ryan here because I put in some really outrages stuff and it still gave me a breakdown of it. Based on the criteria I entered I know it was wrong.

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