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Hey all,

Just wondering what to start out with?? I’d be a really happy chappy with even just $20+/day profit campaigns.

I was thinking email/zip submits on PPV. Then I read that I might need CPVLab, expensive VPS hosting (I have HG Al Reseller at the moment) etc.

Then I was thinking PoF and direct linking from there, but there seems to be a lot more on PPV in here.

Any thoughts??


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>email/zip submits on PPV

These are ok but aren’t what you’d call long term. You will need to keep swapping out the offers to avoid the scrub by the advertiser

>I might need CPVLab

You can manage with Prosper202 to begin with though CPVLab is a better solution if you can afford it (Plus there are discount codes on this forum you can use to save $50.00)

>expensive VPS hosting

With PPV you don’t have long to grab anyones attention so any additional waiting the prospect has to do due to hosting gives them more chance to close your pop-up window. Here’s a discount for beyond hosting

>Then I was thinking PoF and direct linking from there, but there seems to be a lot more on PPV in here.

Don’t quote me on this, since I’ve not done any PoF, but I think you’ll be able to bank with a lot more niches on PPV (Pls correct me if I’m wrong on this)

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For me, POF is quick to pick up and has helped me learn the basics of running a paid traffic campaign – setting up a campaign, setting up tracking, split testing, optimizing, etc.

However, as for longer term campaigns, it’s tough for me to maintain consistency on POF. I’m sure there are people kicking ass on it, but my campaigns tend to dry up within a week if I’m lucky, but usually a few days. That’s why once I build up enough funds from my POF campaigns, I’ll have to check out some PPV.

Also interested to hear what other people here think.

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ok thanks. was hoping HG reseller and PPV network conversion tracking would be good enough for starting. suppose i’ll just have get the wallet and spend more.

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They are both decent platforms for beginners to learn, but I think that PPV is easier overall because there are less variables to worry about. There are a TON of targeting options on POF, which are awesome if you are experienced but could be daunting to a beginner. With PPV you just need to pick an offer, direct link, pick your urls/keywords to target, and hit go. Obviously there is more work involved to get something profitable, but I think it’s a perfect way to get yourself running something.

/wait for BenPOF to give a counterpoint argument

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POF = Easy place to learn the basics.

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