PoF: When to ditch an ad?

Any rough numbers about ads in PoF and when to pause them? Since I was told that 0.1-0.15 is an average CTR on PoF I thought to give each ad at least 1500 impressions before pausing it. What you think?

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It really depends on how many ads you created, and what your offer payout is.

I usually upload at least 10 ads for any new campaign I start, and give each ad at least 20 clicks. That means I’d end up spending around $50. However if I were to run a $30+ offer I would let the ads run more.

What is your offer payout?

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Hey thanks a lot. Exactly what I was looking for. Do you let the ads run even you have a CTR below 0.1? I don’t want to waste impressions on ads which doesn’t get clicked though. The offer payout is $38 :=)

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Kill ads that have a crap CTR off the bat.

You should definitely hit higher than 0.1 CTR for IAB ads.

Don’t kill off ads with mid range CTRs just because you have one ad with a booming CTR. In my experience I’ve had some amazing CTR ads with horrible conversion rates.

Spending anything less than $100 for testing a $38 offer is too little.

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I am not able yet to use the IAB ads. I am still with the small ones Thanks for your insight Lorenzo, much appreciated.

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Here’s another perspective to your question,…st-a-creative/

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