Pop over or pop under

Hi folks,

I’ve just run my first 2 days worth of tests which it transpires I didn’t monitor quite as well as I could have done.

Is there a general rule of thumb one should follow when deciding with to show your landing page as a pop over or pop under?

Thanks a lot

User Comment:
Only one thing can give you the answer to that question.


One campaign might work better with a pop-under, another
with a pop-over. Only testing will give you concrete answers.

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I guess I thoroughly deserved that hustle as get off your lazy arse and find our for yourself!

This affiliate PPV business is a steep and costly learning curve.

Still it’s a good job I usually learn the hard way as since it’s costing me each time I learn a lesson, I will remeber it.

Summary of pop over / under findings… not much difference.

The Article Published IN 07-19-2011 01:36 PM

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