Pop ups in new tabs?

I’ve been seeing guys do pop ups that open up in new tabs. I looked for the right script, but didn’t find anything. Does anyone know how to make this happen or which ppv network has this as an option? Thanks.

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What do you mean in new tabs? Tabs in Firefox and IE?

I remember only LinksAdor used to support that option.

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Yeah like the pop up opening up in new tabs in chrome/firefox/IE instead of a whole new window.

Doesn’t seem like LinksAdor is in business anymore.

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Hmm , from what I read it’s impossible to do it programmatically on all browsers.

There are some tricks that work only on certain browsers but won’t work everywhere.

For firefox you could use :

HTML Code:
<a href="some url" target="_newtab">content of the anchor</a>

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Setting target to _blank should open a new tab in recent versions of Firefox and Chrome. Doesn’t work that way on IE. AFAIK, the only acceptable options are _blank, _parent, _self, and _top. If anything else works it’s because of the way the individual browser is error handling an unrecognized attribute value.

Here’s some code you can test with in different browsers:

HTML Code:
<a href="" target="_blank">_blank</a>
<a href="" target="_parent">_parent</a>
<a href="" target="_self">_self</a>
<a href="" target="_top">_top</a>

In IE, there should be an option under Tabbed Browsing Settings to alter the behavior of the _blank attribute value so it opens in a new tab instead of a new window or the current window, but I doubt most people are going to have that turned on.

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