PPV File Sizes?

Hey all,

2 Qus. about file sizes on PPV landers.

Does the total file size ideally need to be below 50k to help page load speeds? I think I read this on here somewhere. When I create images on, below 50k, they just don’t look as sharp as they could.

2nd qu. It was mentioned on the Getting Started thread on here that VPS & cloud hosting was needed. Why are both needed? Not sure why. I have VPS but not cloud, will it make a big difference?


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There isn’t a fixed rule.

I generally don’t do over 100 kb , but I’ve had a ton of lps pretty big ( 300kb or more ) that were profitable.

As for your second question , unless you are doing big volume , you won’t need a cloud.

It’s used to save on bandwidth costs / speed up load times ( esp for intl visitors ).

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Just to get a better understand …

Lots of folks here talk about big volume and low volume. What exactly is considered low and high volume? Wild guess here… 20k above is high volume? Maybe when 10k below is low volume?

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