PPV Follow Along Campaign

Niche: Still not sure yet.
Traffic Source: Traffic Vance
Budget : 200$ because of the competition
My setup: I have zero knowledge when it comes to hosting. But I’m using a Hybrid server from WiredTree. It should be good enough.
Tracking: Using CPVLab. Just bought it yesterday and just love the idea of seeing what LP and offer is working and how easy it is to add and remove LP’s and offers.
The Networks: EWA, C2M, PKM, Wolfstorm. Maybe more. The more the better to rotate offers.

I’m upset that I didnt do more yesterday. I still haven’t decided on how to approach the ipad angle. I wanted to target NFL teams with a free jersey submit but I don’t think the ipad offer would work. Hopefully I think of an angle tonight so I can add LP’s and gather urls and keywords. I also need to get my tracking domain SSL certified or whatever so I can add pixels to networks. Some will only allow https.

Whatever angle I choose, I will only gather 30-40 targets at a time. That is all for now, hopefully tonight I update with an angle I choose.

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You don’t need to push off NFL targets. I personally don’t know jack about NFL but you could take a angle like;

Who is going to win next season?
Answer and Win an iPad
The Butterflies or The Swans?"

Who is the best Quarterback?
Answer and Win an iPad
Tom Brady or Mr Green"

Good luck sir!

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also maybe you can choose some people names ,let people choose which one the like more and then win an ipad

just advice

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I could see Roger Goodell (NFL Commissioner) as a potential way to get a good response. Gotta think NFL fans hate him right now because of the possibility of there not being a 2011 season due to the lockout.

Should Roger Goodell Get Fired?
Will There Be a 2011 NFL Season
Is Roger Goodell a BUM?

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Originally Posted by bnords

I could see Roger Goodell (NFL Commissioner) as a potential way to get a good response. Gotta think NFL fans hate him right now because of the possibility of there not being a 2011 season due to the lockout.

Should Roger Goodell Get Fired?
Will There Be a 2011 NFL Season
Is Roger Goodell a BUM?

Ahh, good ideas guys. As a fan, I first didn’t know what was going on and thought just both sides are greedy. Still think both sides are greedy and don’t think it’s 100% Goodell’s fault, but after looking into it more, lots and lots of fans hate him.

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blah, just wrote something down and it logged me out and lost it.

I made three lp’s, all a solid image under 50k. I want to maybe try and test another LP with voice and maybe geo targeting, but not sure how the geo would work in the LP.

Also got an idea to target players in the top 100 list that recently was released. Maybe target a certain player in the list and ask if he should be that # out of 100 and maybe include the image of the list and point out the player in the list. Something along those lines.

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Feel horrible for not posting and keeping up to date. One problem after another it seems, way too many excuses if you ask me.

So I made a mistake when submitting my urls and keywords to TV and they rejected my campaign. Fixed the problem and getting traffic. Not much, but getting some. I have a great feeling this is going to have horrible CTR. So while this runs tonight, I paid a designer to make me a simple poll type image in Photoshop. Also paid for a few voice overs and see if that improves the CTR.

EDIT: So I just checked CPV Lab and it says I got 314 impressions on and no clicks. Would you get rid of that target or try and get their attention with some audio first?

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Just got the LP back:

Going to test this with a the new urls I gathered. Only thing that is confusing is, I test my LP in affexpert pop up preview and it shows that my LP is too big, you have to scroll down a little. I test in TV preview and its fine. I did 750×550, is that fine?

Also going to get this converted to html and add the voice over soon as I get it, hopefully tomorrow.

EDIT: Awesome, just got back two voice overs from fiverr and they sound great. Added them to the page. Hopefully get the psd to html tomorrow to split test that in with the one single image.

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landers look great man.

one thought because i just read this and thought it was very enlightening:

I’m still waiting on my campaign approval, so I don’t have any PPV experience yet, but taking from my experience running polls on adwords and adcenter, I always saw a big difference in ad CTR and LP CTR when I had a question that was really polarizing. I’ll say I’m not a Lebron fan personally, in fact, I’d vote No Way! based on my personal feeling of him (despite the fact that he really just might). That being said, the question doesn’t hit me hard. You could try changing that up maybe (something like "Will Lebron always be a Loser?" or "Will King James Lead Miami to 5 Straight Rings?" I’m just thinking in terms of hitting either side hard. You want people to want to set the record straight, and sway the voting to agree with their viewpoint.

i totally agree with what sith005 said because if you want a response, something more controversial should/might increase CR

keep us updated man

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Landers look really good.

Also the voice overs should increase your CTR by a good deal.

Keep us updated how they perform.

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So I had a total of 93 targets, added this new lp from above and added the voice over. $25.00 spent and only 1 click on the LP. I’m obviously not getting their attention and have to change something.

So do I pause the targets that have over 50 views? The urls that ate most of the impressions were:

cstv.com74 views
spike.com76 views 147 views
bleacherreport.com150 views
rivals.com184 views
cbssports.com224 views
nfl.com270 views
foxsports.com275 views
espn.com440 views

Then I had other urls that got 1 – 49 impressions. I tried the above targets because I wanted to test a higher volume sites that are some what related to football to see what happens. Do I just stick to gathering smaller sites?

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only managed to spend around $11 today so far after pausing the above targets and still 0 clicks on the LP. Doing something wrong. Do I gather more URLs or make a different LP?

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Hmmmm….well I would try some new angles…..but

its also not the best time of year for football as its not on the minds of sports fans…..

you may want to switch to baseball…..and give that a whril…..

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I was told "Free NFL jersey" submits were still doing good, even direct linking. I had better luck direct linking with that offer since I actually got conversions. I thought I would try NFL with the ipad thing for the follow along. Maybe I’ll switch gears to the NFL jersey submit or a different angle with the iPad. I would do baseball, but dont really follow it too much. I could go with something like "Will the Phillies Win It This Year?" or something like that.

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Alright so since I got 0 clicks after spending $50 on my poll type of landing page, I went a different approach. I took out the iPad submit and used an NFL jersey submit offer. I used tijn’s LP used in that walkthrough. Here are the results after $25 spend today:

Targets (It’s not all of them, but the majority of them. Got a few more with 1 clicks with a few impressions):

Landing page performance (I know I need to add in another LP to split test):

Offer Page (can’t rotate offers because no other network has something similar):

Landing Page:

So a few questions:

1. I can’t rotate offers that are similar because only C2M has it. Any suggestions?

2. Is this decent CTR for the landing page?

3. I’m getting clicks now, but not as many conversions. What should I do next? Go for smaller volume sites?

4. Any suggestions on the landing page? Maybe add in a different type of LP? But the CTR is decent enough. Should I just focus on conversions now?

5. I couldn’t find any of the tutorial videos from CPVlab with this info, how do you update the url bids? I need to ask my AM to place a pixel, but would be nice to see how much I spend on each URL rather then go into TV and get the reports.
I saw that I got 2 conversions on and profitable by a few cents. Also profitable on a team website with 3 views and one click.

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The landing page CTR is solid.

Focus on optimizing current targets and adding new ones.

If you really want to mess with the lp I would test 2 things

1 ) Adding photos of previous winner at the bottom. Can be just photos with short testimonials or maybe facepile style .

2 ) Adding an alert box always increases CTR / CR for me. Give that a try.

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alert box is the pop you have another thread about, right?

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