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Hello, I’m new to this whole PPV world. I’m a FB kid myself but seeing how facebook has been acting lately makes me wanna split B4 it ends up like GoogleAds for us Affiliates grinding on there.
So I started looking into PPV
But i don’t quit understand how traffic flows to it. If someone could explain this it would be awesome and i would be very thankful.

Many thank yous in Advance.

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People install a toolbar from usually a gaming site. When they search for something an advertiser has targeted an ad pops up.
Advertisers bid on keywords and URLs.

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go here and install this…. thats Trafficvances toolbar…

or for lead impact…….

you will need to be on USA proxy to see pops…..

then you can get an idea of the whole process

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COOL. okay now that I get the main idea. does using a game like "wizard 101" on LI with 1k budget sound like it might work, Also do i need to make landers at all or on LI it will just window my ad?

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If you direct link with PPV you do not have any ad creative – the offer landing page is loaded in the popup.

Alternative is to create your own "Landing Page" which will be loaded in the popup and then link to the offer.

Budgets vary greatly depending on offer, offer payout, targets, and whether you use a landing page or not. So no hard and fast rules on that one.

But – check out the following along by Liane which has a great discussion going on about budgets and spend per target.


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But is there a better success rate with Landing pages to direct or it just varies on the ad.

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You’ll have to test that one, it depends on many factors.

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Originally Posted by MJDUB

But is there a better success rate with Landing pages to direct or it just varies on the ad.

ya it just depends….but I would say that on average…..LP’s do better…..test test test

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