PPV landing page settings

I’m wondering what the best setup is when it comes to PPV landing pages.

Here is what I have:

margin-left: auto;
margin-right: auto;

The margin settings basically centralize the image. I am running on directcpv. Are these settings ok?

And possible if anyone can give me any advice on any extra’s I should have?? For example I know there is some javascript that can:
1) make the image hover a bit
2) a border that has some animation to it. You’ve seen those ‘you’ve got mail’ banner ads. They have them and they have been running for a decade now!

Wondering if you can buy these types of javacript.


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Your setup looks good. Just add this at the top of every css you use to ensure more browser compatibility :


Also I will dig some javascripts I use for my own landing pages and make a new thread.

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If I remember right you can use almost fullsize windows on DirectCPV as they use interstitial ads.

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These might help you…cious-goodies/ and…your-ppv-page/

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Yeah DCPV runs interstitial ads so they are full screen.
The settings you posted are good for LI and Trafficvance.
For TrafficVance you can go also a bit larger since they have more space by removing the address bar.
MediaTraffic has lately switched to 1024×768.

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Thank Guys. I had no idea that popups on directcpv are actually interstitial. Mr Green, thats good info about the international traffic ranking, thanks. UK’s not even on the list, which explains why I’m not getting much traffic. Any idea on which PPV network dominates on UK traffic?

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From my experience Leadimpact has the most , second is AdOn Network and third MediaTraffic .

The Article Published IN 05-18-2011 09:43 AM

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