ppv newbie for the first campaign, need some help!

Traffic: LI
Budget : 200$
My setup:i have design a landing page for one offer and then put it in my hosting (hostmonster plan)
Tracking: affiliatenetwork and li Conversions code
TOOLS: just my head and this forum

running for 2 days .

in my li acct :
Dates Impressions Spend Conversions
06/16/2011 – 06/23/2011 2192 $32.88 44

i dont know whats the li Conversions means . maybe its somebody click my offer,but dont type their email to submit .am i right ?

in aff acct :
Apple iPad 2 – March 2011 Live $1.50 49(clicks) 5(lead) 10.20 % $0.00 $0.15 $7.50

how can i do now ? thanks

User Comment:
Hey dude,

Haha if leadimpact is tracking 44 conversions and the aff network reads 5, it seems like you are getting scrubbed hard on the offer.

Where have you placed the pixel for leadimpact? You should give it to your aff network to place on the offer. That is one huge discrepancy.

You need to work on your landing page you’re getting a 2% CTR. With an email submit you need to be aiming for 12-20% minimum.

The Article Published IN 06-24-2011 08:00 PM

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