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Hi, I’m doing a simple email submit campaign using Ashton Kutcher on a celebrity type lander. When I do the url scraping for Ashton Kutcher in Affexpert, these are some of the urls I get. So do I just test all of these in LeadImpact or do I need to filter some out somehow?

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ok couple of suggestions.

twitter and facebook -> leave them in but watch them closely. either they will receive little traffic (my experience) or they will blow your budget very quickly. the reason "user" pages on twitter and facebook in my experience get little traffic is because people rairly actually visit them. when they are fans, the subscribe, but the new updates will show up in their own stream.

wikipedia -> never had much luck with getting that to convert because if the type of user & reason they visit that site. In most cases this is to do research and therefore they are less likely to be ‘distracted’ by a popup.

so run them, but watch your views come through so you can pause ones that take a lot of your budget.

also some of the others might be too ‘long tail’ and get very little traffic (ie the one)

another trick you can do is bid on part url’s, based on the urls above:


or just do keyword bidding – and use the google keyword tool to find the most relevant searched with decent volume.

exact match
sorted by volume
and in this particular case i would just stick with "ashton kutcher" as a keyword cause all include that term.

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With most urls being long tail you will have trouble getting any decent traffic.

Try bidding on keywords like ashton kutcher and see if you can get that to convert.

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when doing stuff with celebs the best results I had was with things like…..

justin bieber


be creative

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If I bid say 0.015 on justin and 0.016 on =justin and the visitor goes to say, what price do I pay?
Thanks for your help

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You pay the highest price always.

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