PPV URL Triggering on SSL? (https)

As the title asks, does anyone know whether or not LI/TV/DCPV etc trigger on URL matching for a URL if it’s an https page? Theoretically, the URL used to access the link should be in clear text before the SSL tunnel is created, but I have no idea how each of their adwares are programmed so I don’t know what phase they fire in. That’s also how corporate proxies block certain SSL sites, because even though they can’t tell what the content is in on the page, they know what site you’re establishing and handshaking with.

User Comment:
As far as I know they do show.

User Comment:
Yeah , pops will still show on https pages.

I have a couple sites I bid on and they use only https.

The Article Published IN 06-22-2011 10:00 PM

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