So guys, how many of you switched from PPV to FB and making a good killing? Did you do well in PPV?

Is FB where it’s at?

Wondering if I should jump on this wagon too… I need to master PPV though. Damn, tempting.

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You can make bank on both PPV and FB. I’d advise you to stick with the one you started.

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I second Mr Green.

Stick to one and master it. Those learnings will make any new traffic source you tackle later easier to master.

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Thanks. I’ll focus on it till 30 days is over.

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While we’re on the subject . . . I’ve been learning the ropes at DirectCPV and LI. Still not profitable, but not getting drained either.

Is it worth also "split testing" TV into the mix?

The Article Published IN 08-11-2011 01:14 AM

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