Having a rough time getting something decent on PPV.. Read every guide on here; pretty much every thread. Soaked up tons of good info, and I’ve focused on facebook and gotten it pretty downpat. Now I’m trying to conquer PPV, LeadImpact until I can get a campaign I feel is worth taking over to trafficvance. Anywho, not really sure how to attack this. Using the URL scraper to get as many URLS as possible for my lists. Only ones really performing are for Nike Golf and car insurance, targetted at people who want new cars.

I’m just direct linking, I need to start making some landers I supppose, but I wanted to check the viability of the offers and demos before committing any time to them, kind of weeding out the stuff that’s junk. And as of yet, it’s all been junk. Direct linking must really suck, and I think that like half my offers are not showing up very well in the LI popup, which kind of messes it up, right? Is DL’ing cool for testing an offer or do you guys always make landers when testing? I downloaded a couple lander packs from this site but not sure what to use to edit them with; sure I can figure it out though, I can edit HTML in notepad. Just need cheap hosting, and not hostgator, lol.

Really just trying to work all the kinks out and get a feel for this; FB was awesome to me and if I can get this traffic source working for me as well, I’ll be very happy. I don’t mind spending money to learn my way around at all, and at this point in time that’s what I’m doing, as it’s the only way.

Not asking for a campaign just some ideas, love the content on the forum guys, quality stuff, left wickedfire barely ever look back hahaha. Hope this isn’t too many questions.

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Keep an eye out for the download on the 40 day course There is a step by step on PPV in there.

I would also check out some of the threads by Phoenix which are great, and some of the PPV follow alongs.

For hosting I would got with Beyond or Storm on Demand. You really want a decent fast server so dont go for cheapest hosting providers and just take out the most basic cloud / VPS from either of these 2 compabies.

Key with PPV is to get a regular habbit of producing daily campaigns. When starting out most people hit breakeven/profit on 1-2 out of 20 campaigns. Then when more experienced out of 10 campaigns you might hit 2 to 3 that are profitable.

So the key is to try lots!

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Already on like campaign 15 tonight. Is DL’ing to see if a campaign has any potential a good practice? Or should I be making landers for everything? Making a set of campaigns for pretty specific niches I think will at least break even, and DL’ing the offer fits perfectly in the LI popup window, So that’s cool.

Also, what’s a decent list size? Mine are 500-1k.

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there is no ‘correct way’

otherwise someone would either be a billionzaire from it or package it and sell and we would be.

I still USE DL to test and then quickly move to LP.

I can go multi ways that work.

Test for high traffic.
Test for CTR% on LP
Test for converting offer

They all come together with click/impression cost and CVR% (conversion ratio: clicks#/conversions#)

I would find offer that converts broadly then dial in.

[that is still one of hundred ways to go about it, and like martial arts or beginning NLP. Having structure and repetition of even simple tasks/processes builds to great skill and unconscious competence [not knowing how you know it and doing it well]

I also keep in mind budget.

I like to test, small and quick and then scale large and methodically.

List size to me doesnt matter if you watch it since many times what you think SHOULD get traffic. You find out otherwise.

I use the minimum cap for the day ($5/$10) so that if I add in a target that IS high volume I dont lose my pants and wallet

It is all about being methodical and having a valid, maybe, well researched rational for why and how you are doing the process that you are

When I come out with my auto-mated system you wont need to do any of this. All you will have to do is fund the traffic and select your ‘metrics’ [that is until I come out with the AI that does that for you]

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So basically I’m not too far off track, and I’ll learn my own strategy as I go; I liked the idea of testing viability with direct links and then after that devising some better targetting and making landing pages to match. Welp, made about 20 campaigns tongight, and added tons of URLS to offers lacking traffic. Ever campaign has a 10$ budget to test. Really trying to get atleast one winner, out of 20 lets hope I find one that atleast breaks even. Can’t wait to see these stats roll in; maybe need to invest in p202 finally? Got a good feeling for some of these if there’s some volume, we’ll see lol. Thanks for the advice guys, I’ll be back with a follow up tommorow for sure. Also will be getting hosting and looking into landing page design; if i can find a camp worth making work.

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