Promoting a walmart gift card on CPV traffic

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I am promoting the ‘$1K walmart gift card’ email submit on CPV traffic..I am getting around a 9% CTR on my lander, which then redirects to the gift card offer..

But the conversion rates on the email submit are awful…1 out of every 200 or so, which is bad for any type of email submit.

The lander I am using is just a normal ‘Congrats – You Have Won! Claim Your $1K Walmart Gift Card’. they click on it and it redirects to a walmart email submit.

My AMs in various networks are telling me that conversions are high with the Walmart offer, so am wondering if I’m doing anything wrong in promoting this offer…


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and today – 700 clicks to the offer, 2 conversions….

I would have assumed that many would have entered their email, if not because they thought they had won, but atleast out of curiosity to see what would happen on the next screen..

So, its definitely strange I’m not able to make it convert (and I don’t think its the scrub, since I’m rotating 4 offers from 4 diff CPA networks with similar results).

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depending on where your targeting the main thing I’m thinking of it’s just pretty played out. Everyone and there uncle has seen this type of ad before, especially people with PPV software installed. You have to reinvent the wheel to see 10%+ CR!

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make sure you use sound, maybe an alert box to grab attention it def helps.

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Just a quick idea on a spin for this offer would be promoting the gift card to a specific niche.. Something that’s very popular in walmart with a demo that likes coupons/deals. I’m thinking teens or moms..

Targeting lower level brand makeup sites
‘Get $1000 in Free Makeup From Walmart’
Use a very feminine landing page, etc… then link to the offer

Atleast this way your trying something new, I’m sure conversion will be much higher

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