Proof that CPS and PPV DO NOT WORK!

Clicks Leads S/U Payout EPC Avg CPC Income Cost Net ROI
85395 18 0.02% $42.00 $0.01 $0.01 $756.00 ($853.95) ($97.95) -11.00%
61031 26 0.04% $42.00 $0.02 $0.01 $969.80 ($610.31) $359.49 59.00%
8107 9 0.11% $42.00 $0.05 $0.01 $378.00 ($81.07) $296.93 366.00%
4223 0 0.00% $42.00 $0.00 $0.01 $0.00 ($42.23) ($42.23) -100.00%
3676 0 0.00% $42.00 $0.00 $0.01 $0.00 ($36.76) ($36.76) -100.00%
3398 4 0.12% $42.00 $0.05 $0.01 $168.00 ($33.98) $134.02 394.00%

Nope, does not work at all 😛 [sarcasm for those that missed it]

and no.

I am not giving any more detail as to how. (I have actually given it all away on the forum already)



User Comment:
yeah this for sure does not work!!! lets all stop doing it now!

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darn u tijn. u posted before I cleaned it up.:P

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Hey you said it doesn’t work! Are you saying it does work now?? Crazy!!

Haha good shit Phoenix, I still need to figure out what you been smoking.

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@Mr Green – I’m going to have to guess he’s smoking weed laced with Angel Dust. Whatever it is he’s smoking, I want it!

@Phoenix – I really love your threads. Keep them coming. I also love those 300+% ROI’s <3

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I would say "Show me the money!" But I guess the search box will have to do for now 😛

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running cps on ppv myself. Cost about $10 and revenue about $150 daily ))

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You say case study. All I see are stats. 😛
Good stuff! Spill the beans!

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What time period do your stats cover?

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Dumb qu. here. If a view costs about $0.01 (which is lower that the lowest available on LI), how can your ave cpc be $0.01? That would mean you’re getting a 100% CTR.

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@andyuk thats p202 wording not mine CPC=CPV in this data grab

@clickex 1mnth

@d3s0 sorry. couldnt find what ICON this would be under. ‘TEASER’ would have been my choice

@mr green. I never smoke and post. never since that time I tried to convince CNBC that CNN was waiting for them in the alley

@keen. I may put together a e-book of all my info, but if someone wants to scrape what I have posted GO FOR IT!

@tijn AT least SOMEONE got the SARCASM! 😛

Sooooo… for all you mis-matchers out there…

YES! this is showing you CAN make CPS work on CPV. It does take MORE money than CPA or lead gen IMHO.


User Comment:
What does CPS stand for?

User Comment:
cost per sale

User Comment:
Were you selling Clickbank products phoenix??

User Comment:
Which CPS network were you using?

User Comment:
LOL…. it does work!

User Comment:
Damn good stats dude, I kept searching for the + sign to drop down view the targets and offer links

User Comment:
this is all about showing that if you apply yourself you can make money with just about any product with PPV. Really good sign

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