Pros & Cons of ppv, ppc, media buying, fb ads,

Pros & Cons of ppv, ppc, media buying, fb ads, pof, mobile

Can someone with experience just do a quick run down of pros and cons of the traffic sources so a newbie like myself can make a more informed decision on where to start? Im sure this will help the new people decide where they should start.

I’ve done a little bit of FB ads and so far I think…

pros: Easy to use interface, you can start with low budget of $50-$500 for testing, good targetting, can see profit pretty quick, good volumn

cons: CPC usually starts pretty high, banner blindness, good chance of getting acct ban, no day parting

Anybody want to add to this?

User Comment:
Stick with FB right now or try ppc. Both are easy to get profitable with little money testing.

Media Buying to direct site: Big Budget needed, people skills needed (preferred), optimization skills needed, solid campaign needed prior to starting

Media Buying through remnant or self serve inventory: Somewhat decent budget needed, optimization skills and solid campaign are preferred.

Mobile: Kinda like media buying and display but on phones (herp derp). New waters being tested right now, feel free to jump in. I wouldn’t start here although it isn’t rocket science.

PPV: Sounds easy, kinda is easy, but to be a boss you need to know how to not only optimize your campaigns, but also your server. So if apache, nginx, and memcache all sound like special vodkas in Las Vegas – I wouldn’t start running heavy traffic. You can get stuff going with limited monies, however ask yourself if you can shell out another $100/month (or thereabouts) on a decent VPS to get started.

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To add to that, POF is probably the easiest traffic source to get profitable with due to its targeting options and lax ad approvals. However, the volume is pretty lacking.

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