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was wondering if anybody knows if i can get browser data, basically for a specific campaign i want to see how many leads came from firefox how many from safari etc.

is there a way to do this with p202?

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i’d like to know if there’s an easier way to do this as well. Here’s what i currently do:

1) Go to the ‘Visitors’ tab in p202 & enter the details for the specific campaign you want to check out
2) Select ‘Show Converted Clicks’ from the drop-down menu
3) manually go thru the list & add up how many leads came from each browser

It’s not the most eloquent solution but it gets the job done (I tried just exporting the report to excel but the ‘browser’ column is always empty).
Anybody know a faster way?

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ya that isnt possible man for me i have way to much data im tring to go thru proabbly around 30k leads worth and a shit load of clicks

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This is still a little bit of a manual method but it may be a temporary help until you are able to have a coded mod for prosper created.

1. Inside of Prosper go to the ‘Visitor’ tab, select the campaign and the options you want to know.. so if you are wanting to see which browsers are being used by your converting ppl (show converted clicks), or if you are just wanting to know what browsers are being used most by all visitors you receive for that campaign (show all clicks).. select whichever option.
2. Download the excel file and open it up.. since you have such a large number of leads it may take a while but the next steps will help you out greatly in finding out what number of leads are using which browsers.
3. Select the whole column for the Browsers.. then go to the ‘Data’ tab at the top and then click on ‘Filter’. A drop down box will appear by the title for Browser title.. click the drop down box and you can check/uncheck each browser.. So if you want to see how many are using Firefox.. then unselect everything but Firefox, click ok and if you look at the far bottom left corner of excel you will see xxxx (total number of firefox broswers) of xxxx (total data for browsers) records found.

As long as you know basic math you can figure out which percentage of users are using which browser.. in the example image below 20.6% of the leads are using Firefox.

(Total Number of a Specific Browser / Total Browser Records) x 100 = %

Like I said, still a wee bit manual but super simple and will help a ton if you are producing a large amount of leads.

See image below:

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i don’t mean to hijack shoent’s thread here, but i’m wondering how you were able to d/l a spreadsheet from p202 WITH browser data intact… As i mentioned above, every time i download a ‘Visitors’ report the Browsers column (Column C) is always entirely blank… no data at all which makes it impossible to sort/filter by value. Are you workin some kinda shady voodoo magic, or am i completely missing something?
I’m using excel 2007 and prosper 1.6.1 btw

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The data you see in the image is just filler.. only part of it is actual campaign data.. I filled in the browser section as a demonstration.. cause I’m not sure how to get it to show up for PPV as it doesn’t show up for mine either.. maybe it has something to do with the pop up being generated by a software? perhaps installing google analytics on your LP’s might work cause you can dive down to the browser level with in those analytics.

So yes.. it was mostly just voodoo lol

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Haha cheers for sharing your Black Magic! but, if i understand you correctly, we’d need to download the excel file from p202 & then manually input the browser (Firefox, IE, Chrome, mobile, Opera, Safari, etc) that corresponds to each converted subid in the spreadsheet?? I don’t have any campaigns generating 30k leads like shoent (mine are more in the area of 100 – 1k) but still… That’s a FUCKLOAD of work dude! Surely there’s an easier way… Prosper shows this data as icons in the Visitors tab… There’s gotta be a way to export that as a simple text value that’s easy to sort as in your example above

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Yea I know what you mean.. I’ve just recently gotten back in to paid advertising.. exclusively PPV.. I use to be heavily in PPC and other paid search marketing, and at the time it showed up fine when exported, so I just thought perhaps it wasn’t working specifically for PPV. But it appears its actually a broken export feature. There still is a way to do it, there are just many more steps.. I’m trying to figure out a simple way to set it up to be done. I found this url when looking around for some help:…ter_on_browser

In prosper202 database under ‘202_browsers’ it defines the id given to each browser type.. then you can go to ‘202_clicks_advance’.. export all of your subid’s to an excel file.. go back into prosper202 dashboard under ‘visitors’ and export all of the converted leads to excel.. next (this is my only hiccup so far that I’m not sure how to solve) find a way to extract the data from your converting lead excel file with the file exported from you database (should be able to find a way to do it using the converting subid’s).. then you could use the same rule as I applied before with the filter option and filter by the browser id thats been assign.. (see below).. of course thats alot of extra work and steps.. however that would do the trick with no voodoo involved. May just be easier to higher someone who can find whatever code is broken and preventing it from exporting tho.

browser_id browser_name
1 Internet Explorer
2 Firefox
3 Konqueror
4 Netscape
5 OmniWeb
6 Opera
7 Safari
9 Chrome
10 Mobile
11 Console

That’s all the knowledge I have on this topic.

Good luck.

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Hi all,

there was a bug in the CSV download script. It’s been fixed in prosper 1.7 so you should be able to analyze your data better.

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will you be able to get browser conversion data on the new prosper?

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