Question about game offers on PPV…

I know they don’t allow direct linking to them.. but my questions are:

Am I able to setup a game download offer using a landing page?

What about bait and switching later to go directly to the game.. how risky is that?

Any other advice


User Comment:
Here is my advice but others may have their opinions. If they don’t want you DL then they don’t want it from an LP.

You could bait and switch but they will figure it out and it is up to you on if you want to risk your account getting banned by trying it.

The best legit way that I can think of is build a lead gen LP to build up an email list. Then hit them up by email for the download as well as other offers.

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Thanks for the input.

I’ve never ran a game on PPV before but I was asking cause an AM of mine stand you could do it with an lander.. so i was checking what others had to say.

I do like the email list idea tho.

The Article Published IN 08-11-2011 06:09 PM

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