Question: Ads that are KILLING & a way to spy

Question: Ads that are KILLING & a way to spy on FB

I’m looking to break in FB and start running some volume on there (should of have BEEN done this a while ago, but was too busy bleeding Google dry)

I’m hearing that the dating ads are really not working anymore due to over saturation. I wanted to know what type of offers are killing it in that space?

Also (just like POF) is there a way to really spy on FB ads to see which ones have been running for a while, and maybe see the look and feel of some ads? What I have been
doing is opening different FB accounts (under vpn so FB dont get suspicious) and setting my preferences (demos) for different niches.

For ex. I went to Alexa or Compete and found that highest traffic rank sites for diet, health and fitness, beauty, teen interest (games, downloads), went to quantcast. Found the demos there and created FB accounts with those demos. Then spent a week just looking at some of the ads and studying them.

Took a while to do that’s why I would like to know is there some software or something that will help in that effort?

Much appreciated

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You are going to get one for free here for 1 month starting from July 4.

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is that the FB ad scrapper tool?

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Yes , more info here :…-Upcoming-News

The Article Published IN 06-30-2011 05:31 PM

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