question in regards to liane’s webinar

Quick question, in your webinar you showed a bizopp lander that had only phone number and I believe one that had phone/email.

Obviously Aweber and such don’t allow forms without email addresses. Were you using a specific SMS Autoresponder like Twilio, or were you just sending the form submissions to a central database that phone reps could access?

User Comment:
You can definitely use twilio to build that, but I was using a PHP script.

Unfortunately, I can’t share it here, but maybe one of the more techy programming guys can create a simple one?
It basically grabs the name & phone # from the form and just sends it real-time to an email address through the host.

User Comment:
ah ok, so it would just send one lead at a time via email…. easy enough.


The Article Published IN 09-08-2011 09:01 PM

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