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I thought that I would shoot this out for discussion to see if I can save this campaign. I got the clicks down to about 7 cents per click so far.

Offer – testing various free iPad offers

Angle – Using the iPad as a guitar accessory/tool. There are a large number of guitar related apps related to digital amp modeling, guitar instruction, etc.

Target market – guitar players ages 18-25 on Facebook

Landing page –

So far:

Clicks to landing page – 376
Clicks to offer from landing page – 32
Conversions – 2

Other then testing some more ad images to get the CPC down, I think that the landing page is the main culprit that is causing this to fail but I am unsure as to what kind of traffic I should be aiming for to click through to the offer.

So my question is, what percentage of traffic clicking to the offer from the landing page do you typically try to aim for? Maybe I am analyzing too early and need more clicks to be sure?


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Hey Corey,

Definitely a very cool angle! Your not analyzing to early, it looks like the perfect time for some adjustments, there’s 2 problems which i feel i should tell you i notice:
1. Your angle and offer don’t match up completely. Like yes it’s an ipad ad + an ipad offer, but it just doesn’t match up on why they should fill out the offer.
2. You need to up your CTR from your landing page to the offer. Your currently seeing 1/12 people click to your offer, and you want to get that up to about 4/12. It’s definitely possible with some landing page tweaking.

The landing page itself is pretty good i think, the call to action is very clear. What i think you mainly need to change is WHY they should go to the offer and then fill it out. The concept of the angle idea to the offer needs to be adjusted. Then display that idea in a nice big bold header on the landing page and i think you’ll see a lot higher CTR and conversions.

User Comment:
Sounds good. I will do some adjustments from these suggestions.
Thanks for taking the time to check it out for me!

User Comment:
Np! Update your next round of stats/info here and we can take it from there

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